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Medical Treatment
At the core of our expertise lies the scientific and medical assessment and treatment of patients with sleep disorders. Our team of Specialist Consultant Doctors have collectively more than 100 years experience in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep and related medical disorders. Our doctors are actively engaged in Teaching, Education and Research through appointments at Kings College (London) and The Guy’s, Kings and St Thomas’ (GKT) Medical School.

Cognitive Behavior Sleep Retraining Therapy Programme
The role of psychological therapies in the treatment of sleep disorders is well established as part of an integrated treatment approach involving pharmacologic and psycho-social interventions. Our eclectic programme involves combining techniques from Cognitive Therapy, Behavioural Interventions and Lifestyle interventions including sleep hygiene, diet and other established therapeutic interventions. These are adapted to each individual’s situation. Cognitive therapy involves identifying dysfunctional beliefs and attitudes about sleep and replacing them with more adaptive substitutes. For example, patients who believe that sleeping 8 hours per night is an absolute necessity to function during the day are asked to question the evidence and their own experience to see if this is true for them.

Those who are convinced that insomnia is destroying their ability to enjoy life are encouraged to develop more adaptive coping skills and to cease viewing themselves as victims. These attitudinal changes often help to minimize anticipatory anxiety and arousal that interfere with sleep. Our sleep psychotherapists and psychologists have all the necessary professional accreditation and experience to assist the patient in overcoming the psychological and behavioural aspects of sleep disorders.

CBT has proven effectiveness for the treatment of Insomnia, Anxiety Disorders and Depression.